Silver Linings of 2020 Webinar | Key Takeaways

on July 21, 2020

Thank you to all who participated in and attended our “Silver Linings of 2020” live panel discussion on June 25th.

Below are highlights from the discussion.


  1. Jonathan Moneymaker | CEO, AEgis Technologies Group
    • Effectively communicate strategy and vision of company, and how each individual fits in
    • Promote two-way communication between employees and leadership
    • M&A market has rebounded and is vibrant
    • Virtual is real, but no substitute for face-to-face, even in the new normal

2. Dean Rutley | Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson, LLP

    • Lots of deals in the pipeline in GovCon and FinTech industries
    • Buy-side has remained generally bullish, and believe in long-term fundamentals of businesses
    • Technology has enabled business to generally continue uninterrupted
    • Overall investor confidence has generally remained strong

3. Greg Nossaman | Managing Partner, G2 Capital Partners 

    • Inspiring how good leaders/companies/people have put processes and infrastructure in place to continue business
    • Valuations not being as significantly impacted because the fundamentals of the government market are incredibly strong
    • Capital available, buyers executing strategic plans, and quality sellers coming to market, so while having slowed, activity should ramp up in the balance of 2020

4. Richard Pineda | CEO, CALIBRE Systems, Inc. 

    • Being able to quickly identify shifts in federal funding from defense & intel to other agencies has been key
    • Focus on safety and well-being of employees, and invest in people and technologies to do things more efficiently, faster, and better
    • Clients have raised new priorities; things are changing, and if you don’t change and pivot with the times, and run hard to get ahead, you’ll be left behind

5. Gilbert Dussek | CEO, Gunnison Consulting Group, Inc. 

    • Talent is even a greater differentiator than ever; find good people, take care of them, empower them to challenge the status quo, and get out of their way
    • The ongoing evolution of the new reality has opened the aperture to finding talent, without geography as an impediment
    • Have to be more disciplined in terms of pursuing opportunities

6. John Hillen | CEO, EverWatch 

    • GovCon is poised for success in raising capital given the strength of the industry and the role of government in recovering from past market disruptions
    • Initial political response to public health was extremely imbalanced at the expense of other elements of public policy, especially the economy and employment, but that is being corrected
    • Re-calibrating the relationship between business and the government, from customer to client to partner is critical to the ongoing success and productivity of both parties


Download the full webinar video here.

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Mackenzie TaggartSilver Linings of 2020 Webinar | Key Takeaways