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Home to museums, historic sites and wineries, Frederick, Maryland sits less than an hour’s drive from Gettysburg, PA, Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC. Its importance goes well beyond cultural landmarks. It is a city, within Frederick County, teeming with businesses and organizations, most of which rent space. Having established itself in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia over 15 years ago, Edge more recently expanded to Pittsburgh, PA. With its longevity in the area and expertise in property management services, Edge is a perfect fit for the commercial real estate community in the city of Frederick.

One Size Never Fits All

The Edge Story

As a privately owned commercial property management firm, Edge approaches its mission with a two-pronged purpose: strengthening relationships and boosting the value of client assets. In addition to the traditional obligations of property managers, Edge actively partners with investors to augment, and prune their real estate portfolios for optimal worth. Forging strong bonds between landlords and tenants, we are committed to retaining the most reliable and desirable occupants for the units we oversee. Consistently, measuring and evaluating the financial benefits of client sites, we also consult and manage wise capital improvement projects.

Care and Feeding

Above all else, Edge is committed to manage our clients’ buildings well, making them healthy vehicles for prosperity. This means keeping operational expenses on a tight leash, eliminating redundancy, and optimizing efficiency. Edge also imposes strict standards for accounting and reporting. We analyze leases and manage them with an eye to greater property income. Meanwhile, Edge attends to the care and feeding of the site by keeping abreast of safety codes and ordinances, improving appearance and aesthetics, maintaining infrastructure, and advising owners about profitable physical improvements.

Working with Landlords

Edge advocates for landlords in a number of ways

  1. Edge brings vast knowledge and years of experience in local and regional real estate markets to the table. Edge consultants integrate property owners’ financial goals with opportunities for improvement and acquisition.
  2. Edge keeps a constant finger on the pulse of tenant sentiment and realities. By doing so, we attract and retain the best occupants, those able and willing to pay more for their tenancy.
  3. Edge develops sophisticated and effective marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the vacant units and attract ideal candidates for tenancy. 
  4. Edge troubleshoots market and in-house problems that adversely affect property value.
  5. Edge serves to foster long-term relationships between landlord and tenant, landlord and contractors, landlord and government, and landlord and peers. Commercial real estate is a community of colleagues, not adversaries.

Representing Tenant Interests

With the community in mind, the potential synergy of landlord and tenant cannot be overstated. Rent is the lifeblood of a valuable commercial building. The building, in turn, helps rent-paying businesses earn their own profits. Rather than viewing one another as necessary evils, tenants and owners do better as partners in a joint venture of opportunity. Edge advocates for tenants because this is in the client’s interest.

We help tenants articulate their specific needs regarding a building or a unit. With the same market awareness we share with landlords, we counsel tenants on the advantages and disadvantages of a given location. Of paramount concern is that tenants are in no way trapped in a property that might not be best suited for the long term. While we serve them, we assist them in using their leased space as efficiently as possible.

Additions and Renovations

In the service of landlords and tenants, Edge carefully evaluates property capacity, traffic flow, energy use, curb appeal, market demand, and other factors to determine if the site would benefit from capital improvement. If the conclusion is that such an investment will result in sufficiently better revenue and longer tenant retention, we advise owners to agree to it, finances permitting. Our input, however, does not end there. Edge invests its considerable human capital into every construction project we recommend. We are with our clients at every step.

  • Edge personnel establishes the schedule for each project.
  • We screen and qualify every contractor.
  • We approve estimates and hold contractors accountable. 
  • We report to landlords on progress.
  • Edge engages in rigorous cost analysis on every project.

Buying and Selling Assets

The key to the success of Edge in the field of commercial property management is the recognition that we work for people, not properties. Edge is laser focused on improving the client’s financial position by increasing the value of his or her holdings. To this end, we often broker the sale and purchase of properties. In the commercial realm, we deal in office, industrial and flex space, and we maintain up-to-date databases of properties, on and off the market, that fit best with clients’ aims and interests. 


Giving Frederick the Edge

At the end of 2021, the City of Frederick released a report referencing its strategy to “…allow for land uses that enhance the Central Business District (CBD) as a tourism, arts, and business center.” There is every reason to believe that commercial real estate will boom in Frederick in the coming years. The good news is that there are property management firms ready to serve owners in Frederick, MD. Edge is a precision-driven business model that focuses on assets gaining value.

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