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One of America’s oldest and most historic cities, Baltimore, Maryland, remains a vibrant and important center for business, culture, and civic society. WithInner Harbor, Camden Yards,and Johns Hopkins University, to name a few, Baltimore has numerous attractions that draw visitors and residents alike. The city is also home to many diverse businesses, organizations, and agencies, each residing in the abundant commercial space that Baltimore offers. Real estate investment is competitive in the “Charm City.” On their behalf, Edge Commercial’s Property Management Group operates in the city and surroundingcounties.

One Size Never Fits All

The Edge Story

Since 2007, Edge has earned the confidence of property owners and investors for its comprehensive and well-executed services, delivered in the interest of giving commercial sites greater appeal andcash flow. At Edge, we have better understanding of our clients and offers deeper empathy because we are entrepreneurs, owners, principals. We are invested in our clients success just as much as they are. We know what propels real estate investors and landlords to do what they do and the pitfalls of such a purpose-driven mission. This is the reason why 8.5 million square feet of real estate is entrusted to Edge’s oversight. With client assets in D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, Edge does its job with a thorough knowledge of mid-Atlantic markets.

Coming Alongside Landlords

Edge is much more than a service provider. When we sign a contract with a property owner, we are committing our expertise, experience and professional integrit. Our reputational stock rises along with the landlord’s brand and fortunes. We are in it together. This is why we offer building owners a wealth of knowledge with which to grow their own financial wealth. First and foremost, Edge conveys an exhaustive familiarity with local and regional real estate markets, their movements, and their major players. Second, we guide owners in their relationships with tenants and vendors, thereby making these relationships stronger and longer lasting. Beyond these advantages, Edge markets properties in a way that draws in prospective tenants and leads them to the lease’s signature line.

Managing Buildings for Optimal Income

Sound management of the property is the foundation of strong returns on investment. Edge takes this principle seriously. By taking a close look at each property’s cash flow, we are scrupulous in applying best accounting practices to budge operation. Beyond efficiency and cost-cutting, Edge reviews each lease carefully to discern what the actual value of each unit should be. Meanwhile, Edge engineers apply their trade to various physical features of the property. After necessary maintenance and repairs, the team works hard to comply with all applicable ordinances and codes. They also sees to issues of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The engineering staff at Edge is also intimately involved in matters of construction and building improvement. They qualify and approve all contractors hired for capital improvements. The staff also sets the timeline for work, OKs the estimates while following up on their accuracy, and greenlights the designs proposed for construction, additions, and remodeling. Investors know that when Edge takes charge of a project, the work is going to be Edge-approved every step of the way. Since the owners foot the bills, their property manager is duty-bound to assure that the bill is honest, reasonable, and comprehensive.

Backing The Tenants

Yet, tenants are not just customers. Edge views tenants as colleagues. They are equally deserving of Edge’s years of management experience. 

    • Edge assists occupants with finding space that serves their business aims and objectives.
    • Edge employs cutting edge technology to provide vital intelligence regarding the current events in the  market.
    • We help to draft leases that are not oppressive to the lessees, but rather, we seek to offer leases that contain maximum flexibility.
    • Edge advises on the most efficient use of space, thereby lessening the need for more square footage, and consequently, higher rents.

Managing Investment Assets

Commercial property owners know that their properties should deliver the maximum return on investment, but sometimes that expectation fails to bear fruit. Those who contract with Edge will discover a firm that has the market wisdom and the newest resources needed to improve investment performance.Edge is always on the look-out for similar properties that will produce optimum cashflow.

Analogous deals are closed with commercial real estate, e.g., offices, stores, warehouses, and multi-use buildings. Identifying comparable sites, examining their leases and rent rolls, and weighing opinions of value, and inspecting the property are but a few elements that go into discerning the suitability for acquisition. The goal of higher-net revenues drives everything Edge does in the client’s interest.

Edge Success Stories

Real estate owners and investors are wise to be careful when shopping for property management in Baltimore. Every firm has established some kind of record that landlords can evaluate before making a decision. With edge, they can be confident of a property management service with roots that run deep in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. corridor.

1. A major Washington construction company profited from a change of headquarters location because Edge was able to discover a new site and re-negotiate the tenants’ leases there. Employees and associates enjoyed a more navigable and comfortable place in which to work, while the costs of the relocation were minimal.

2. A renowned law firm, Stein Sperling, consolidated five locations into one in Rockville, Maryland after an analysis by Edge showed the benefits of rental abatements, expansion potential, and physical prominence due to being situated off a major highway.

3. Edge exploited a soft market so that Rock Spring Business Park could retain the Make-A-Wish Foundation with a new long-term lease. Among its inducements was a new space build-out.

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