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In April 2022, Forbes magazine predicted a robust recovery for the commercial real estate industry after the malaise imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Acknowledging that the recovery might be uneven, particularly for commercial office buildings in higher density area, the overall consensus of the Forbes Business Council was a future of strong performance in this vital economic sector. Investors and landlords know that readiness for this resurgence is essential, and central to that preparedness is sound management. Fortunately for Maryland property owners, Edge provides management excellence and market awareness to maximize asset value.

One Size Never Fits All

Since 2007, Edge has provided landlords and investors custom-tailored management services and strategies, recognizing that not all commercial buildings are equal. Growing to more than 50 professional consultants and real estate experts, the company possesses the experience and a successful track record. As of now, the assets for which we are responsible for a total of over 8.5 million square feet. Many of these properties sit in Maryland, where Edge is headquartered, and our sizes and functionality are as diverse as ourr purposes and revenue receipts.

Making Properties Work for their Money

Apartment buildings, industrial sites, office towers or retail space each must function to the satisfaction of tenants, and one of the keys to a valuable real estate asset is tenant retention. Edge goes the extra distance to maximize advantages and eliminate obstacles for building occupants. Rigorous accounting and financial reporting help owners to assess the most favorable rents for their cash flow and their tenants. Negotiating and executing leases in an efficient fashion reminds occupants that their landlords relate to them as professionals.

Our engineering and legal teams scrupulously review code compliance, safety standards, and balanced energy usage. We carry out the day-to-day tasks of maintenance, landscaping, and repairs with the tenants in mind. Each site has its own distinct maintenance plan, and Edge regularly re-evaluates them for cost-effectiveness. Our Team aims to distinguish ourselves from other property management companies in Maryland by making every location and unit profitable to investors and desirable to tenants.

When Upgrades Are Necessary

Edge engineers can make a property run smoothly, economically, and comfortably. Still, sometimes getting the most value from an asset demands further investment. New buildings, additions to existing ones, remodeling, and restoration are occasionally necessary to keep the site competitive with its commercial neighbors. When such construction projects prove crucial to raising the value of the property, Edge takes charge. From approving the design to analyzing the costs, selecting contractors to overseeing progress, and managing vendors to receiving tenant input, Edge engineers know that the owner is shouldering the financial burden. We take accountability seriously.

Consulting with Landlords

Edge is always accountable to landlords and effectively works alongside as collaborators and partners. We do this by sharing market expertise with seasoned investors and utilizing cutting-edge technology on their behalf. In addition, Edge cultivates tenant relationships, so landlords will know what amenities both potential and existing tenants are looking for in a space. We troubleshoot issues before they become problems. Edge does its work to enhance the property’s reputation, distinguish it in the market, and keep it front and center for prospective tenants.

Expanding Client Holdings

As Edge is committed to raising and assuring the value of each property in our portfolio, we also recognize the need among owners to acquire and/or dispose of assets at the appropriate time. Asset classes include commercial office buildings, industrial/warehouse/logistics facilities, retail centers, and flex office. Edge manages each of these asset classes in Maryland and the surrounding region. With a large pool of satisfied investors, we frequently match eager sellers and buyers to broker successful transactions.

Edge often facilitates these deals using 1031 tax-free exchange vehicles. This refers to an IRS provision whereby investors can trade one building for another while bypassing, for a time, taxes on capital gains. Edge performs comparative analyses for all parties concerned and produces lease abstracts for buyers and sellers to thoroughly examine.


Identifying with Tenants

The companies, individuals, and organizations that occupy spaces are the source of the asset’s revenue. Landlords, therefore, seek stable and credit-worthy tenants for long-term lease. Edge knows that achieving this goal means forging alliances with the tenants to establish open lines of communication and strong relationships that typically lead to lease renewals. Edge acts in an advisory capacity for tenants as well as landlords. In so doing, we discuss lease terms with the owners from the tenant’s perspective while explaining the landlord’s position to those renting the space. Additionally, we solicit the tenants’ ideas relative to their financial, personnel, and square footage needs To help them optimize space, save money, and operate efficiently.

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Edge approaches every aspect of property management with a commitment to make the property worth more than when we arrived. So, we put a premium on attention to detail in every undertaking for which we are responsible. This may be the manicuring of lawns, the negotiation of leases, the replacement of plumbing or the expansion of a client’s holdings. Our team is ready, willing and able to improve the owner’s brand in every facet of property management in Maryland.


Landlords and tenants thrive when working together. Landlords fail when they alienate their tenants and tenants get frustrated when they do not understand a landlord’s position. What makes a commercial property a good investment for owners is long-term tenants that thrive financially and respect the lease. Edge helps occupants to use space efficiently and landlords identify tenants’ unique concerns. This is how lasting relationships, and streams of income, are developed. Real estate assets are worth more when occupants build significant tenure at the location.

Decisions about capital improvements are not made lightly, and Edge recognizes that the ultimate decision maker is the owner. In advance, we perform the most comprehensive due diligence. First, we identify the problem that can only be resolved with construction, and goes through the process of elimination. In consultations with architects and engineers, Edge reviews the design options, and exposes each to strict financial accounting methods. When a plan of action is conceived and approved, Edge qualifies the contractors and vendors that will have charge over the project. We supervise the work every step of the way.

We are always on the lookout for properties that will improve our clients’ financial position. We examine properties listed for sale and those where the owners might be open to sell even though they are not being actively marketed. The 1031 exchange is how the trade happens. The IRS dictates that offering one property for another must follow certain rules. First, the two assets must be similar in terms of dimensions, units, age and condition, i.e., it must be a “like-kind” exchange. Then, the investor must locate the new property within 45 days of conveying the first one, and the acquisition of the second property must be completed after 180 days. Because of the nature of this type of swap, an intermediary holds any sale proceeds until the entire process concludes.  

The partners who founded and administer Edge are  highly experienced commercial real estate professionals with success in various asset classes, as well as leasing, investment, legal, and management. They have worked and developed relationships in major metropolitan areas across the U.S. and, most importantly,  have a track record of improving the performance and the value of their businesses. Coming together to form Edge in 2007, their combined talents and histories work in synergy to rank Edge among the best property management companies in Maryland.


The seasonal rhythms of residential buying and selling are easier to discern, with summer representing intense activity given that school is out. Investors, on the other hand, purchase and convey when market conditions dictate. This could happen at any time of year. In our experience, early spring has historically been the season seeing the most transactional activity. Regardless of the season, Edge makes it a point to keep a close watch on market behavior because the past does not always indicate future trends in commercial real estate.

As our base of operations, Maryland is among our key geographic region with management contracts throughout Baltimore, the Eastern Shore, Frederick County and the suburban Washington, D.C. metro area. Although the number of locations vary at any given time, Edge currently operates over 35 commercial properties in the state of Maryland. Our professionals are familiar with specific government regulations, business culture, and physical geography of the region. Edge is committed to maintaining, expanding, and strengthening its ownership and investor relationships here.

Edge partners and other real estate experts are available to discuss any or all of our services to investors and landlords with regard to a wide variety of commercial properties. The best way to reach out is through the Edge website, where you will find contact information for our point people in each department. This way, you can ask questions as opposed to simply hearing a sales pitch. As strong advocates for landlords and tenants, Edge personnel maintains this posture with all prospective clients.

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