“Medication-Assisted” Treatment Facilities Come to Business Campuses

on February 22, 2021

The absolute last thing anyone wants is another pandemic. But clinical psychologists, therapists and other health professionals are warning about the emerging mental health pandemic transcending across the country, based on the enduring feelings of fear, isolation, hopelessness and uncertainty that are taking its collective toll on people of all ages. The constant news stream (marked by sensational reporting) that evades our lives, financial difficulties, concerns about health and well being and job losses are all contributing to the rise in anxiety, anger and depression.

Among the many negative repercussions of COVID-19 has been the rise of alcohol and substance abuse, as the general public searches for coping mechanisms to deal with the current environment. This cause and effect have spurred the rise of substance abuse and treatment facilities, both independently-owned and connected with major medical institutions, to combat the growing mental health crisis. These uses are looking to expand but are finding it challenging to locate space, specifically in the DC area. Often times landlords have had concerns that these types of uses will cause issues with other tenants in the building so have turned them away.

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Mackenzie Taggart“Medication-Assisted” Treatment Facilities Come to Business Campuses