“Keep a homefield – a long-term perspective on teleworking”

on June 4, 2020

By Justin Schnurr, Tenant Advisory Services, Edge

Teleworking, a concept advanced in 1973, has come in pretty handy while companies continue to navigate COVID-19, and we expect a segment of the work population to remain in this mode even when most employees return to work (hopefully very soon). At my firm, other than missing the personal contact with my colleagues, we immediately transitioned seamlessly without interruption into a teleworking mode and bridged the loss of our personal contact with video conferencing.I would assume, like me, others have found the experience a surprise from a sustained productivity perspective, but also the time saved getting dressed in the morning and then fighting rush-hour traffic for often over an hour.Sounds on the surface to be pretty great, but I anticipate that teleworking will ultimately fall into the “ be careful what you wish for” category.

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Mackenzie Taggart“Keep a homefield – a long-term perspective on teleworking”