Employee Care and Well-being in the New Normal Webinar | Key Takeaways and Resources

on May 18, 2020

Thank you to all who participated in and attended our “Employee Care and Well-being in the New Normal” live panel discussion on May 12th.

Below are highlights from the discussion and additional resources from our expert HR partners.


  1. There is no workplace without our workforce
  2. Over-communicate and remain transparent, as information is bound to change daily
  3. Lead with empathy, health and safety when driving employee engagement
  4. Demonstrate a high-level of awareness and compassion towards employee’s home life situation
  5. There is no “one size fits all” blanket policy, so be flexible with your approach including WFH and PTO policies
  6. Acknowledge and reward employee loyalty so they feel engaged, included, and most importantly, safe (in terms of job security)


Q: As a follow up, I’ve read that, because of individual’s inability to ‘turn off’ is the panel experiencing increased levels of burnout and if so, what are you doing to address that? 

A: We are in a unique time and standard schedules may no longer work for most people. As leaders its important for us to ensure people understand they have the flexibility to get their work done on a schedule that works for them and the company. If you need time to work with your kids in school for example, make that known on your calendar. Be transparent in your availability through your calendar and discussions. Encourage self-care to include making time for exercise and place that on your calendar.  Don’t have all your meetings be video chats. There is more freedom and movement available with phone calls. Ask yourself does a decision require one more meeting and if not, don’t have it.  – Kathy Albarado, CEO, Helios HR


3-Part Workplace Return & Employee Safety Plan by KGO 

Reopening the Workplace: An Employer’s Planning Guide by Helios HR

Key Considerations When Planning the Next Steps for Your Workplace by Helios HR 

Download the full webinar video here.

Have any additional questions? Contact Josh Katz or Heather Davis.



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Mackenzie TaggartEmployee Care and Well-being in the New Normal Webinar | Key Takeaways and Resources