Edge Team Member Spotlight – Peggy Hernandez

on December 20, 2022

Meet Peggy Hernandez, a lifelong resident of Montgomery County, mother of two and a Senior Property Manager for Edge’s Property Service Group.  

Peggy has over 16 years of diversified property management experience and does an exceptional job of increasing the operating efficiency of buildings, addressing the day-to-day needs of clients and increasing the value of assets for building owners/investors. Peggy is a wonderful asset to our team, get to know her better in the short interview we had with her below!  


What is your background and how did you get started in the CRE industry? 

I began my career as an administrative assistant for the leasing department at Divaris Real Estate in 2005.  I started helping their management department with tasks and switched over to full-time property management as a property administrator in 2009.  


How have you increased operating efficiency in our buildings?   

Some projects that I have completed while with Edge include changing parking lot lighting to LED, updating BAS software and HVAC equipment to run more efficiently and on the proper schedules.  Both projects reduce energy usage at their buildings. Additionally, as suites turn over, we have been updating lighting to LED where we can. 

What’s it like being a part of the WIRRE? How does it help clients and your career?   

WIRRE is a wonderful group of women involved in all aspects of retail real estate.  The group is intimate and welcoming, we learn about new trends in the industry, new projects in the area and host interactive panels on leadership and personal growth.  Members are young and old, creating an environment where you can seek mentorship (if you want to) or just a friendly conversation with other women in the industry.  Growing my personal network with the group has allowed me to have someone to call for nearly any question and the comfort level to pick up the phone and call them when needed. 


What does it mean to be LEED certified? What was the process like? How does this help with clients and your career?  

LEED certification is issued by the US Green Building Council.  The process consisted of taking a 2-day class and a 2-hour exam.  It was a very interesting course, and I learned a lot about how our buildings and actions affect the environment.  Having taken this class and earning the certification allows me to make recommendations to building owners about more efficient processes and reduce the carbon footprint of the building. After the class, I did recommend to a building owner that they should try for the O+M certification, I hope they take me up on it!  I would love to go through the process with them. 


How did you get into baking? What else do you like to do in your free time?  

I have always enjoyed making things! When my children were small, I really wanted a fancy cake without the fancy price tag, so I made my first dinosaur cake. After that, I was up for the challenge and hoping to get better, so I just kept making different kinds of cakes, experimenting with decorating, and took a class on royal icing. Outside of work I am a Girl Scout Leader and volunteer for Shepherd’s Table regularly.  I am also an avid reader (62 books so far this year), a beginning painter, and a lover of the outside! 

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