Gude Drive Nearly 100% Leased

Gaithersburg, MD- EDGE announces the accomplishment of bringing an 80,000 SF building to over 92-percent occupancy. The Rockville property, conveniently located at 1029 East Gude Drive is owned by longtime EDGE client, Finmarc Management. EDGE became the primary leasing team when Finmarc purchased the building. At that time, the building was 100-percent vacant. Ken Fellows and Robert Pugh of EDGE, landed various large deals with companies such as Mayorga Coffee, GSA, USA Cabinets and Habitat for Humanity. These tenants, along with several others, are what made this achievement possible for EDGE and Finmarc Management.

“We are very excited to be at the finish line for this Class A facility in the heart of Rockville. It’s been a pleasure working with Finmarc and the current tenants. We look forward to continuing these strong relationships in the future.” said Ken Fellows, Regional Director, EDGE.