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Perspective is everything.

At Edge, we see things the way you do. We’re entrepreneurs, we’re owners, we’re principals — we’re invested.

Our company was founded by our five original partners out of a strong desire to control their own destinies. They wanted the freedom to execute and seize opportunities on behalf of clients that wasn’t available at large publicly-traded firms and quickly realized that the only way to do so was to start Edge as the premier regionally-focused firm in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. It’s this ethos and dedication to client service that has led to our sustained success and growth since 2007.

We take great pride in being different but being different for the sake of it isn’t good enough; let us tell you why we’re the best choice to be your real estate partner.

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Leaders in the Community

At Edge, we strongly believe in the value of giving back and being active in our community. We partner with a number of local non-profits and charitable institutions, some of which are displayed below.

No matter the size.

Edge works with clients and partners at any size and evolutionary stage, in public and private sectors, regionally as well as nationally.

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