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Commercial real estate services that


Our unmatched level of execution, regional focus and unique operating structure as a privately-owned firm allow us to act as your real estate partner while moving quickly and effectively. We have a singular goal at the forefront of our strategy:


Achieving the best possible results for our clients.

Our Services

Be ready for what’s next with the strategic partnership that can position you to take advantage of every opportunity. As a client of our management, advisory, or investment services, you’ll have experts on your team with more than two centuries of combined commercial real estate experience who will work with you to develop customized solutions that generate long-term value.

Landlord Advisory Services

Create Demand for Your Property

Our commercial real estate firm’s landlord advisory team maximizes returns on the investments of clients who are pursuing high-credit tenants. We focus on helping you keep your properties fully leased at maximum rates.

Our experts can provide comprehensive services, including repositioning analysis and recommendations, broker/tenant outreach programming, leasing program development, feasibility studies, economic analysis and forecasting, and more. We have a regional focus with a unique operating structure that allows us to act as your partners and move quickly to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Tenant Advisory Services

Align Your Real Estate and Operational Needs

Tenants of all types and sizes rely on our expertise in tenant advisory services. We serve industries and clients as diverse as law firms, STEM companies, biotech and life sciences firms, state and local government agencies, government contractors, telecommunications companies and others across a broad range of industries.

We know what tenants need from their real estate to meet their business goals. These insights are crucial in guiding your transactions towards desired outcome. You’ll receive responsive and proactive servicing from an experienced team that’s always prepared to act decisively to put your mind at ease.

Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales and Services

A Track Record of Execution and Delivering Full Market Property Value

Our investment sales team offers institutional-level execution, an exhaustively maintained investor database, access to 1031 exchange capital, and deep relationships with key market players. Our platform has executed investment sales in the Washington, DC-Baltimore region on behalf of the region’s most prominent owners of industrial, flex, and suburban office in the suburban markets.

Multi-Family Real Estate Investment Sales and Services

Mitigate Risk and Improve Income, Returns, and Value

The Edge Multifamily Capital Markets Group’s services include 1031 exchange services, acquisition and disposition services, underwriting and valuation, market research and analysis, and due diligence execution and oversight.

The effectiveness of our services is enhanced by Paire, our proprietary predictive analytics tool. It saves you time and money, and allows us to quickly identify and fully vet a shortlist of properties on your behalf, slashing the time needed to identify an opportunity to a fraction of the time other commercial real estate service providers require.


Commercial Real Estate & Property Management


Our advisors are local experts with the knowledge and insight to help you make an impact on your organization in a meaningful way.

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No matter the size.

Edge works with clients and partners at any size and stage of growth, in public and private sectors, regionally and nationally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General & Advisory

Edge headquarter sits just outside Washington, DC, in Rockville, MD. Our satellite offices are in the District of Columbia, Tysons Corner, VA, and Pittsburgh, PA. As of now, Pittsburgh is the only market outside of the greater Baltimore-Washington region in which Edge operates. Because our firm is committed to serving property owners with excellence, any expansion will be slow and deliberate.

For those who wish to hold and maintain their income properties, Edge supplies a staff of specialists familiar with the interests, goals and trials of property owners. We approach issues from both landlord and tenant perspectives, recognizing that satisfied occupants are more likely to remain at their current locations. Employing a deep knowledge of the workings of the commercial real estate market, Edge assists landlords in building a public desire for available units, responding efficiently to the concerns of reliable tenants, and forging strong bonds between both parties, owners and renters, in order to limit vacancies and maximize revenue.

Tenants are, of course, the lifeblood of a thriving commercial property. Finding the most promising tenants and retaining them ensures a full and profitable rent roll. To that end, Edge’s tenant advisory service assists property owners in identifying optimal businesses to take up residency in available units. Through comprehensive demographic analysis and thorough market research, our tenant service team locates the most promising prospects. In addition, leases are routinely reviewed to check compliance and update as needed. Among the other functions, this service examines how tenants are using space and provides alternatives for improved efficiency. All of this helps to strengthen the long-term relationships with those who dwell on site.

Edge is responsible for scores of properties in the greater Baltimore, MD-Washington, DC, area, as well as in the region of Pittsburgh, PA. Only 15 years in operation, our commercial real estate firm now manages 8.5 million square feet in total. A battery of 50 professionals carries out the tasks of administration, contracting, accounting, engineering, analysis and sales. Our clients include some of the most notable businesses in the United States, including Aetna, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Edward Jones investments and Summit Ridge Energy.

In Alexandria, Virginia, Edge enhanced a property by consulting with the owners to renovate the common areas and invest in two major structural additions. In so doing, the firm brought in new leases for 30,000 square feet of space and extended the largest tenant’s occupancy. These actions went far to stabilize the property financially.

In another example, in Beltsville, Maryland, Edge rented out 60,000 square feet to brand-new tenants in a year and a half. Plus, we raised awareness of the building and its capacity to neighboring counties. These are just two locations where Edge contributed substantially to cash flow and property value.

At Edge, we do our homework and take it seriously. Constantly examining and recording trends in rental rates, vacancy rates and their movement among commercial buildings of all classes, Edge analysts convey essential knowledge to partners with regard to demographics, economics, business movement and construction progress. Factors such as recessions, pandemics and a volatile bond market all impact the commercial real estate market. We do not advise clients on buying, selling, exchanging, building or improvements without carefully assembling and weighing all the variables that can make any course of action a success or failure.

Edge puts a high premium on recruiting and retaining innovative, creative and ambitious associates who work hard and bring their A-game every day. Offering a solid benefits package along with extensive continuing education opportunities, Edge asks each hire to participate boldly in the mainstream of its varied operational arms. Above all, the company envisions a staff that loves doing what we do and excels at doing it.

Property Management

Edge approaches the property management of commercial real estate with the client’s bottom line in mind, while recognizing that tenant retention is a key means to that overarching aim. Maintaining a building’s structural integrity, function and livability is a core value of our engineering team. Capital improvements, meanwhile, are held to the highest professional standards and subject to rigorous cost analysis. On the administrative side, Edge adopts best practices with financial reporting and accounting; management and monitoring of leases; insurance procurement and continuation; compliance with building codes and public ordinances; as well as sustainability and energy conservation.

What distinguishes Edge from much of its competition is the reality that its principals understand property ownership firsthand. We know the costs involved, what strategies work or fail, the impact of law and regulation and the art of contract negotiation. With deep knowledge and intimate relationship with the owners, our team can customize reporting and structure services that best meets the owners’ objectives. 

If that is not enough, we know the seasons and rhythms of the commercial real estate market in metro Washington, DC, and elsewhere. Most of all, we know the financial security and freedom that is intrinsic to commercial real estate.

We do that and more—Edge is a full-service property management provider, and our services extend to landlord consulting, financial transaction execution, real estate conveyance, and comprehensive market research. All of our services are designed to add value to the assets with which we are entrusted.

Investment and Capital Markets

The Edge Capital Markets team has a long-standing track record of success in selling suburban office industrial, and flex buildings for our clients. Our reputation is one of high performance and responsive client service.  What we bring to the table is a meticulously maintained network of investors, longstanding and close connections with the most influential parties in the commercial real estate market, and a sales and marketing team that fetches superior prices for the properties in its care. With depth of knowledge in underwriting procedures, market trends and property valuation, Edge draws motivated buyers for interested sellers. 

This transaction is named for the section of the Internal Revenue Code that applies to investment properties and their conveyance. By swapping one income property for another, the investor enjoys a deferral of capital gains tax that would otherwise be levied on the profits from a direct sale. Simply stated, an investor can exchange one property for a more profitable one without the trade affecting taxable income. The activity is sometimes referred to as a “like-kind” exchange, but this sometimes confuses prospective property traders. In some 1031 instances, a retail box store is swapped for raw land; a strip mall for an apartment building. Edge brings experience and expertise at identifying legal and financially fruitful like-kind assets.

Paire is our proprietary software that we use to leverage technology on our clients’ behalf. Paire delivers analytics that position the sellers of multi-family residences for optimal pricing and the acquisition of new properties with superior financials, such as better cash flow and appreciation. This includes complete valuation and appraisal information as well as market and demographic surveys, all available within three days of receiving a rent roll and operating statements. In so doing, Edge might recommend a 1031 exchange, i.e., a swap of properties similar in value, scope and size that may make better financial sense for our clients. These assets in the Washington, DC are representative of our success stories.

As Edge is a leader in multi-family transactions by means of 1031 exchanges, it has proprietary use of Paire to identify a list of the most suitable replacement assets for that purpose. Yet this software goes beyond identification and actually certifies the new site through a battery of evaluations. This means there are few to zero surprises when the trade is ready to commence. Commercial real estate is stressful enough without shocks that result from inadequate vetting.

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