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It’s just what we do.


How about 230+ years handling commercial real estate transactions throughout the mid-Atlantic and around the United States? From leasing and sales to development and investments, there is little we haven’t encountered. No matter what surprises come your way, we won’t miss a beat. Our goals are your goals… maximize income, control expenses, and keep the investors satisfied.



The devil is in the details.


If you occupy an office space, that’s probably your second largest annual expense after labor. Make the wrong move, and that could affect your ability to recruit and retain good people. If you occupy a warehouse, factory or lab, putting the pin in the wrong location can cause a ripple effect throughout your entire supply chain, costing you exponentially. We will thoroughly catalog your needs so that the mission always drives the decision.



Teamwork makes the dream work.


To the shareholders and the bean counters, a commercial real estate transaction is about spending the least amount of money while making the fewest sacrifices. But, to the rest of the stakeholders, the ones filling the chairs and driving the forklifts, it’s become about much more – collaboration, communication, health, and happiness. We bring friends to help make those seemingly antithetical concepts a reality. They are architects, engineers, contractors, IT guys, furniture gals, and movers. They help us help you.



We’re ready for a relationship.


This is not a transaction. It’s the beginning of a partnership. We want to be in your favorites list and we want you to call and text and e-mail all the time. We are going to do that too, to make sure we are delivering on our promise, and so you can’t stop talking about us to your friends – in a good way. We rely on satisfied clients to help us grow. Our reputation is on the line every time we sit in front of someone like you. We are fresh and ready to prove ourselves.


How can we serve you? We’re glad that you asked!


+ Do you have too much space?

+ Do you need more space?

+ Is your space in the wrong location?

+ Do you have the wrong kind of space?

+ Does your space cost too much?


If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, contact us!



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