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Government Services

EDGE Government Services Group specializes and works exclusively on all aspects of government real estate transactions for our clients. We understand the ever changing politics, complex laws, regulations and policies that impact federal, state and local government real estate procedures. Our consistent proactive approach keeps us in close contact with the government real estate staff providing us with advance notice for all real estate opportunities. EDGE enjoys a reputation for superior performance in our ability to understand the nuances of governmental real estate, and we offer a thorough knowledge of both current and planned processes and procedures.

As your government real estate advisor, our role is to analyze your specialized requirements and property, identify a thorough plan of action, and implement that plan to ensure that your objectives are met and, more likely, EXCEEDED!

The objective of EDGE’s Government Services marketing and leasing program is to:

  • Understand the market forces in order to deliver government tenants in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Create and maintain a proactive, coordinated marketing program that results in securing government leases.
  • Assist in competitive property research and analysis, and provide real time, up-to-date and accurate information regarding government actions to enable our clients to make the most advantageous business decisions.
  • Provide assistance in document review and administration to help you understand the complex and lengthy government lease documents and to resolve potential conflicts before it become a problem.

To find out more about our Government Services Group, contact Kenneth Fellows at 301.222.0210 or kfellows@edgecre.com.