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It’s just what we do.


How about 230+ years handling commercial real estate transactions throughout the mid-Atlantic and around the United States? From leasing and sales to development and investments, there is little we haven’t encountered. No matter what surprises come your way, we won’t miss a beat. Our goals are your goals… maximize income, control expenses, and keep the investors satisfied.



Every detail matters.


Good first impressions are hard to make, and bad first impressions are hard to break. We notice the small stuff, so your asset is best positioned to meet the expectations of today’s demanding tenants. What sets your property apart from the competition is often the difference between getting the deal and being
forgotten. EDGE makes sure the lobby is clean and the landscaping is green, so your asset is seen in at its best.



Manage expectations. Expect success.


Landlords and tenants, by nature, have conflicting interests. It takes skill and tact to bring opposing forces to a peaceful and mutually satisfying resolution. Even more importantly, it takes professionalism, honesty, and likability in an industry that isn’t necessarily known for these traits; we’ve got it in spades. Plus, our leasing teams are backed up by like-minded, trusted, and proven friends ‒ architects, engineers, contractors, and property managers – to give you timely and accurate intel and get the job done on time and on budget.



We’re ready for a relationship.


Every call answered and e-mail sent, every tour led and transaction completed is our chance to proudly represent our clients. This is a privilege and we take it very seriously. There is no better measure of success than to get the next call from you, or referral to your colleagues. It’s on us to deliver what we promise – that you will be treated as an extension of EDGE, as part of the family. That’s how we grow, and that’s how we say thanks for your trust.


How can we serve you? We’re glad that you asked!


+ Are you at risk of losing a big tenant?

+ Is your rent roll out of sync with the market?

+ Do you need help underwriting an acquisition?

+ Is your asset being overlooked by brokers?

+ Are you getting complaints from your tenants?


If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, contact us!



Kenneth Fellows
Regional Director - Maryland

Scott Rabin
Regional Director - Virginia

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