EDGE Experience Diligence Guidance Execution


Seller Advisory

Whether you are a user or investor, EDGE is equipped to handle your sales transaction. EDGE provides the following services to property owners seeking to sell their asset:

Comprehensive Due Diligence

A thorough technical review of the property, assembly of all pertinent documents and information required, and issuance of recommended actions to be taken to enhance the marketability of the property and/or to shorten the due diligence period prior to sale shall be performed.

Fair Market Value and Sales Price

A complete review of the market, combined with comprehensive valuation estimates developed via the replacement cost approach, the income approach, and the comparables approach, as applicable, are provided for our clients. In this valuation is an investment analysis which is often used in marketing to illustrate valuation to prospective buyers.

Plan Implementation and Feedback

A detailed review of showings and inquiries, current market conditions, bona fide prospects, and proactive steps that we have taken to market the property. In the process, we will screen out unqualified prospects and make recommendations to our clients as to pricing or marketing adjustments.

Negotiation and Closing

This includes comprehensive assistance prior to, during, and after the negotiations. Our upfront due diligence adds significant value in most negotiations, because we are thoroughly prepared with all the facts at the outset. Having negotiated hundreds of commercial real estate transactions, we understand how to negotiate the best price for our clients consistent with a win-win philosophy. In fact, we frequently will go out of our way to provide services to the property buyer to facilitate the transaction. Once negotiations are completed, we are not done – we realize “it’s never done until it’s done” and pursue all parties to meet their obligations under the contract to facilitate the closing. Because we completed a great deal of the due diligence at the outset of the assignment, the transactions we negotiate generally move quickly and smoothly to closing.

To find out more about our Seller Representation Services, contact Joe Sutton at jsutton@edgecre.com or 301.222.0202.