EDGE Experience Diligence Guidance Execution


Buyer Advisory

EDGE provides a broad range of professional services for advising users and investors who seek to acquire commercial real estate. Our advisory service for Buyer Representation include the following:

Client Objectives

We will perform a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the client requirements and objectives for the real estate acquisition. The process will involve determining all technical, subjective, and financial objectives for the client to streamline the market survey.

Market Survey

Based upon the client’s objectives, we will prepare a market survey utilizing our extensive database, contacts, and market knowledge to identify a range of properties consistent with the client’s criteria.

Property Screening

We will perform a preliminary due diligence of the prospective properties, establish pricing, attend on-site inspections, assemble economic information, assemble building specifications and technical information, and prepare a comparison of each property.


We will perform extensive due diligence to validate existing property information as well as forensic work to uncover important unknown information. Ownership structuring, tax planning, finance, capital improvements, renovations, etc., are all cornerstones of our important role in this process.

Negotiations and Closing

Negotiation is our greatest strength at EDGE. With nearly 100 years of experience, we have completed many of the region’s largest and most noteworthy transactions, and, more often than not, our results exceed client expectations. Our job does not end when the transaction is completed. It is our objective to serve as your real estate arm well into the future.

To find out more about our Buyer Representation Services, contact Joe Sutton at jsutton@edgecre.com or 301.222.2202.