Corporate Profile

EDGE Commercial Real Estate is the leading regional commercial real estate company providing advisory, management and investment services to Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Our fully-integrated platform is engineered around a creative entrepreneurial culture with the agility to move quickly, and execute and seize opportunities on behalf of our clients.

Consolidation in the commercial real estate services sector has evolved into a relatively homogeneous field, comprised of mostly large, publicly-traded firms. EDGE Commercial Real Estate, however, is noticeably different and respected for delivering a higher level of professional real estate services when results and customized solutions are mission critical.

Established in 2007, EDGE Commercial Real Estate now manages and leases more than 8.5 million square feet. The company’s principals, as owners of commercial real estate themselves, bring a principal perspective to the front line of EDGE’s unique advisory, transactional and management strategies. Each team member brings a unique multifaceted technical competency that delivers a superior level of landlord & tenant representation, investment sales, property services, construction, underwriting, due diligence, finance, market trend analysis, and more.

While large, highly complex transactions are where EDGE thrives, we work with clients and partners at every size and evolutionary stage, in both the public and private sectors, regionally as well as nationally.